Friday, October 22, 2010

Going to Town!

Today Pa and Ma took us into town for the very first time.  It was so exciting to ride through the Big Woods in the back of the wagon all the way to Lake Pepin and to see the town spread out before us!  Wow!  Now I know my parents are insane and want us to grow up weird!  Why the heck are we living in the middle of these big dark spooky woods when we could be living in town like civilized people?  I could be going to school and playing with other children instead of having to play with a rotten corn cob and my bossy old perfect sister! 

In town we went into the general store and the shopkeeper had to make a big old fuss over Mary and her precious blond curls!  Gag!  He kept saying how pretty she was while pretty much ignoring yours truly.  After Ma and Pa had picked out their goods the store keeper gave Mary a piece of candy.  "Sweets for the sweet," he cooed and goody goody smiled and said, "Thank you, sir," politely.  Then he seemed to suddenly realize there was another little girl in his midst and he tossed a piece of candy my way.  "Uh, there you go," he said.  The candy hit me in the face and then Ma made me say thank you and we left the store.

Afterwards we had lunch in the shade of the wagon on the shores of Lake Pepin and Pa let us pick up pebbles.  I grabbed as many as I could get and stuffed them in the pocket of my dress while Mary just stood there and complained that the rocks hurt her delicate feet.  Then as we were leaving my pocket tore out of my dress from the weight of the pebbles and I nearly lost them all!  Pa helped me pick them up while Ma told me how naughty I was to be so greedy and didn't I see how nice Mary had kept her dress and her stinking feet (okay she didn't say "stinking" but trust me they do smell!).  And to add insult to injury Pa then made me give half my pebbles to Mary as punishment!  Stinky feet Mary smiled demurely on the way home while I sulked and plotted revenge.  I'm wondering if I could hack off those blond curls in the night and then blame it on a mouse???  Hmmmm, it could work....

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