Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sugaring Off Time

It's Sugaring Off Time in the Big Woods, that is when Grandpa Ingalls takes the sap from the Maple trees and Grandma Ingalls makes maple syrup.  Last night we went to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin deep in the Big Woods for a Sugaring Off Dance.  What great fun it was!  We kids had all the maple syrup we can stand and then we had even more!  We ate so much we got sick and barfed everywhere.  Then the grownups had some "special" maple syrup of their own and Pa played his fiddle and Grandma and Uncle George danced a jig until they passed out!!  When no one was looking I sampled the "special" maple syrup the grownups were having.  It tasted a bit funny but not bad so I had a whole bunch then laid down on Grandma's big bed and that's all I remembered till this morning when I woke with a pounding headache.  Must be something going around because all the grownups are walking around holding their heads this morning too and being very snappy!  Even my normally gentle Ma is not being her sweet patient self.  I asked when we were having breakfast and she said, "Piss off Laura, my head is killing me!"  Sheesh!  So I'm off to go play with Mary and the cousins till the adults feel better and decide to feed us some grub!

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