Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Little More about Little Me

I have dirty brown plain hair and my sister Mary has golden curls.  It has been pointed out to me time and again how beautiful Mary is while I am described as "cute" and sometimes "scrappy".  Cute and scrappy are good words to describe a dog, not a little girl!  I happen to believe I am every bit as beautiful as Mary, who in my opinion is not nearly as good as she makes herself out to be!

Like I mentioned earlier Mary and I have little or no real toys to play with.  Mary at least has a real doll, while I have a corncob.  Yes, you read that right.  Mary has a beautiful rag doll dressed in beautiful clothes, while I have a rotted old dried up skanky corncob with a hanky tied around it's top to look like a bonnet.  Big spenders my Ma and Pa are!

Besides our "dolls" we also have a broken cup and saucer Ma tossed our way and leaves and sticks and stumps to play with outside.  Sometimes if we are "lucky" we get to play with baby sister Carrie and pretend she is our doll.  But then the little brat has to ruin it by crying or pooping or throwing up everywhere so we don't play with her all that often.

 Mostly we just play outside on our stumps if the weather is not too cold, then in the winter time we hang out in the attic where we can play with all the food stored there for the winter and sometimes we get to play with all the little mice that live in our teeny tiny crappy little cabin.  Oh it's great fun!  In fact, I even learned to count to ten using mouse turds!  Ma always says, waste not want not!

This week Pa butchered the pig he keeps in the Big Woods.  I hated to see an animal being slaughtered but my mouth watered when I thought of all the bacon and ham and sausage that would soon be coming my way!  Plus when the butchering was over Mary and I got the pigs tail and the bladder!  Ma let us roast the pigs tail on a stick over the open fire and it sizzled and dripped fat and was soooo yummy!!!!  Then we got to play with the pig's bladder.  I am so glad it's the bladder we play with and not something gross like the pig butt or pig vagina! That's just too revolting to think about!  No we get the bladder which Pa cleans out and then blows up like a balloon that Mary and I can toss about.  We took it outside and threw it back and forth for a while, only too bad for Mary, because I happened to notice that Pa had not been too careful at cleaning the bladder out and there was still a little pig urine left in it.  So that's when I turned the bladder just soooo and tossed it to Mary and it dribbled pee all over her face and she ran off screaming to Ma.  And then I got to play with the bladder allll by myself.  You see, even for me, sometimes life works out for the best!

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